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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Michael O Connor

Smc206 January 30th,2013 • Hildegard • Words and music • Agustine says he can condon music in worship dependent on the words it conveys. If it obstructs the words then he's singing. • The idea we have is that music and words have to fit together • There are at least two ways music and words are supposed to fit • Structurally: music is not going to violate the words. The stresses have to be logical rhythem and notes have to be right. • Semantically: meaning of the words. If the words are joyful you'll expect that the music may match these words • For unto us a child is born - joyful mood, no, I'd voi non vo fidarmi (blind love, cruel beauty, somebody has been treated - wont trust them again) yet the music is the same as for unto us a child is born • We must think of this theory of a structural Match and a semantically match. But there is also some flexibility. • Divine order (cosmos) ---> words • ---> music •
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