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Smc206 January 28th, 2012 Two thinker were thinking about this week • Hildegard and Thomas Aquinas • Benedict of Nursia (480-543) • Begbie says that bioethiuses vision cannot be completely incorporated into Christianity. What you need is singing in the church. • Benedict born same year as bioethiuses. Both are doing something different. Benedict lived in Rome and was not able to live his Christian faith in Rome. He went to the country side and lived as a hermit. Subiaco people came to join him in the cave there. He had no intention of founding a religious order. Some people didn't like him, some people tried to poison him. Monte casino - monastery, there he wrote his rule = regula (529). Benedict drew on things from the east in his rule. The rule of Benedict is humane and prudent. He doesn't ask for extreme things. Benedict of aniane (9th) (Charlemagne was crowned emperor by the pope 800) he • wants to reunify the west which have barbarian influxes. He wants this vision of empire. It will be a Christian empire. He looks for lots of things. This rite is called the Gregorian chant. It doesn't come from Gregory. It was created by charlemenge. Genuenly hopeful of a gathering of tradition and to establish it systematically. • Monasticism and Gregorian chant • Hildegard of binger • Tenth child, so she was given to the church. She was raised as a nun before she even knew. She became the abbasse (head of the monestary) she was an artist
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