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Smc206 February 4th, 2013 • Initially you had a unison line of chant and then a heterophony. From that you get developments and embellishments. An example of this is viderunt omnes. • Perotim (fl. 1180-1225) he uses this chant as a building block and its going to be very melesmatic (multiple notes to one syllable). The cantus firmus is the base chant melody • Boethius talks about 7 liberal arts •Two groups • Geometry, arithmetic, astronomy, music (study of the harmony of the cosmos, plantes have a mathematical formula, harmony... Four ways (quadrivium)) • Roger scrutin says this Pythagorean understanding of music was bound to collapse. This is because of the cosmology (humming and harmony of the planets-people started questioning) next, new approach to musical harmony - minor. Theatre sung. With the renaciansse you get more of a conection of sad lyrics to sad music. So music is moved more of the humanities because its about communication. Begbie calls this from cosmos to anthropos. In the cosmos music is an architectural piece. When it moves to anthropos its more of poetry. Lays the foundation for the Protestant reformation. • Rhetoric, lo
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