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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Carly Manion

Mary Jo Leddy: Power in the Neighborhood (27 March 2013) Making a neighborhood, The urban neighborhood Chapter Four (Romero House)  Failed project with slow recovery  Some saw the refugees as threat or welcomed them in theory  Takes a 1000 acts of kindness to build a community (not about herself/refugees but rather for neighborhood) o Lesson One learned: Takes a neighborhood to welcome a refugee  Neighborhood has a face (thus welcomed) o Lesson Two learned: It takes a refugee to summon a neighborhood  Symmetry between lesson one-lesson two (win-win)  The Project works because of its scale (macro-scale) Line: This neighborhood has learned that refugees are not a threat and are people.  But aware that it is not all good and that, there are struggles with it o It was a community always disappointed in itself (Wendell Berry) [Augustine View]  Dontastist complete perfection while Augustine acknowledges that there are good and bad  According to Leddy: When an empire feels like it is under attack, under siege, than there is a tendency for othering – when we begin to define ourselves by what we are against it is causes a loss in our identity o Under siege (Seeing the church as a military relating bac
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