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St. Michael's College Courses
Carly Manion

SMC103: Monday, March 18, 2013 When the stranger calls us home Being “faced” Mary Jo Leddy Biography Pol’t activist, community worker, writer, teacher  Romero House, Regis College Visions of Catholic Life in the Post-Conciliar Church (different in office, similar in intent) 1. Pope John Paul ll: encouraged the feminist of the church 2. Julie Handlon Rubio: Examining different families 3. Mary Jo Leddy: ethical (reality) vision built from the “ground up”, “contextual theology” a. Contextual Theology: depends on the here and now (addressed to middle-class NA Christians) b. Not so much a complicated view Being “faced”  Emmanuel levinas (1906 – 95) referenced throughout the book o Starting point: Plato (ideas) and Descartes (“cogito ergo sum” – how do I know anything: I think so I exist)  Descartes goes too far in, you have to start with others before yourself o Actual Starting Point: In the beginning was the human relation (relationship of face-to-face)  Being full
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