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St. Michael's College Courses
Carly Manion

SMC103 Lecture: Wednesday, March 20, 2013 Pope Francis – the story so far The Imperial Self 1. Coat of arms: Elbem of IHS (Greek letter with the name Jesus) with red tassels a. Star of morning is Mary and beside it is the spike node for Joseph b. Miserando atque eligendo, from Matthew’s Gospel - When Jesus had mercy and chose the tax collector c. Says Bishop of Rome not Pope 2. First Pope to choose the name Francis after Francis of Assisi a. Francis Xavier SJ b. Francis de Sales c. Francis of Assisi: poor man, lover of poor, man of peace, care for creation [Rebuild my Church] Being Faced by Levinas (1906 – 95)  In the beginning was the human relation  Being faced refers to interruption or summons by another person’s face (weak and needs help)  The outsider allows us to see the injustice (drawback of living in the center of the world) The American Empire  Difficult to see our own culture because we are immersed in it  American Empire = Imperial
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