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SMC103Y1 Lecture Notes - Leonard Feeney, Lumen Gentium, Second Vatican Council

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SMC 103 Jan 16 2011
Vatican 2 marked a fundamental transition
o Marked a time where it did something that was only done once
Two documents that are often cited that are supporting to Karl rooners theory
o Two readings from last week
2 formuli
o Both are premised that the catholic church is “the one true church/one true religion”
o They were both teachings that were typical during the teachings of the time
1. No salvation outside of the church associated with Cyprian of carthage; he
was talking to systematic traditions
This was reconsidered in 1492 because it was thought that most people
didn’t know about the gospels and jesus as the saviour
Becuz of this transformation in 1950 a Jesuit called leonard feeney was
excommunicated for claiming that their is no salvation outside the
church and that those who aren’t catholic=unsaved
In lumen gentium 14 bishop of Vatican council says that those who can’t
be saved are those who refuse to enter the church especially if they
know that it was founded by Christ; if ppl deny the truth then theyre not
Nostra Atata
o Everyone is united somehow
o Urges all Christians to pursue Christian faith
o Gives special attn to attitude towards jews and Muslims
o Condemns religious discriminations
This brings us to error hath no rights
2. Error hath no rights
Dignitatis Humanae(human dignity)
o 1 point of view; not very new its an act that extends to all
religions and communities; its on religious liberty
o Suggests that the human person requires freedom from
corrosion; every human has moral conscience which is a link
that which the bishops call a objective moral order; by objective
they mean it doesn’t change
o Fundamental claim in it that humans require freedom but the
key point is that the church didn’t relinquent their basic
teaching of one true church/religion
One thing that didn’t happen at Vatican 2 was that the church didn’t defend itself for being the
one true church/religion
Bishops of second Vatican council hold onto the one true church one true religion
Nostra aetate and dignatatus humane
o They change assumptions through two formulas
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