March 31 Lecture Notes outlines what was taken up during lecture on March 31

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St. Michael's College Courses
Michael O Connor

Thurs. March 31, 2011 SMC 103 Lecture Notes - Problem w/ pie = it’s a fixed size thus we think that in order for us to get more, someone gets less - Actually, the addition of people makes it stronger + better (just one person w/ a baseball + bat isn’t much – more ppl you add, better game) Ch. 2 = problem Ch.3 = gratidude Ch.4 = point of our being - rather than building an argument by sequence, she goes around.. ? - always thinking of “more” Ch. 5 = Empire of “More” -> constant yearn for “more”, is growing but it’s sick within, it’s dying, its an Empire in Decline - primary source of decline = loss of vision, loses what its living for, ideals, etc How to cope: a) Conservatism – look for what is enduring -> many fail to see the importance for stability and contunity ; way of dealing is doomed to failure. Why? i) Bc disconnect - 1) Social conservatism + 2) fiscal conservatism – both actually don’t fit together , clash (don’t work bc they clash) ii)Coercion b) Liberalism – has underlying trust that what is good for each person is good for common good. This only works is there is enough to go around. Only way around this is to talk of economics.. ? -> M’s critics: ?? 1. Individualism c) … against – enemy ex. War on terror What is the point of our being? - M wants to point at God as our point of being (p.57) - 139 ? “It will end as it began – in goodness” - not about scarity, competition, having more but of our relationship with G
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