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January 26 Lecture 3 SMC338 AngloNormans in Irelandlatest to receive the impact of the AngloNormans o happens there in a violent conquest way that isnt replicated anywhere else th all through 12 c in Ireland the process of the reform of the Irish Church o gradual bringing in of kingdom of Ireland into more or less the same standards of culture and civility as there is elsewhereby 1160s Ireland looks more like in terms of its religious observance at least other European countries of the Latin Westintroduction of new religious orders into Ireland as part of that reformed o fuelled most particularly by reform of Irish Church in 113050s from Armagho intro of new orders predates the arrival of the AngloNormansth friars are a phenomenon of 13 centurywith reform of diocese there is also as in Scotland the establishment of main church redefined as a discenean centreo within that main church body of canons who serve the bishops and who present in the cathedral the full liturgy in all its complexitiesthese canons are usually drawn from a new reform movement in Europe Augustinian canonsclerics who belonged to the cathedral who are there in an administrative functionthis rule of St Augustine who brings the clergy together is an important factor o sounds death bell for old monasteries which are being shoved to one sidelands taken to be basis of new diocesesome of the great monasteries the change can be seen very clearly tho ex Clonmacnoiscanons set up lands given to cathedral church so all through 12 century there is still powerful kings donating things to Clonmacnois but by end of 1100s Clonmacnois is really impoverished and ceases to exist as functioning religious centrethere are other places where interesting developments occur o monetary of Glendaloughone of biggest of Leinster monasteriesth 12 century seems to have participated full yin the intellectual life in Western Europe Armagho once it begins to take leading role in reform of Irish church and seems to have developed quickly as major centre of learningex education in Armagh very prestigious old monasteries scattered old manuscripts form monasteries held in ownership of old secular families of learning th political history of 12 century of Ireland 2 important family groups o western province of Connacht the OConnors whose base of power is west of the Shannon
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