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February 16 SMC338 Lecture 6 ethical questions attached to large historical movementsback of AngloNorman settlement must think of legality of it o was the legal protection attendant on the indigenous peoplesuperb administration of the English kings o look to them for some sort of ethics of colonization and questiondo not find a great deal thatis encouragingKing Henry II of England beginning stages coming out of Church quarters in BritainDublin had always maintained close religious ties with Canterburyo through Dublin Irish Sea area which brought Wales into close trading partnership with Irish across the seaprinciple king of Ireland at the time the Normans came Ruairi OConcnothairaround this time surnames are being taken for the first timeo some sort of landed change happening which stabilizes more narrowly defined versions of family and hereditary possessions in Ireland most if not all these surnames are from ancestors o Odescendant ofsurnames are not attached to a particular place down to a dynastic family that would originally have many more branches but is settled into one name OConnors o kings of Western province of Connacht o dominant kings of Ireland when AngloNormans arrivesecured town of Westwarand moved south to secure Dublineast coast and its towns that re the most important o Earl of Pembroke Strong bow emerges first as the leader of these AngloNorman barons and he could claim a legitimate right to the Kingship of Leister because he was married to the daughter of the reigning king of Leinster Henry II concern to control what is happening in this landgrab by the AngloNormans in Ireland o in all cases he gives grants of various parts of Ireland to the AngloNormanssome are given to legitimate something that has already been downsome more are new lands that are given by Henry in 1172 when he arrives in Ireland Hugh de Lacy o coming over with Henry given next big prize in Ireland kingdom of Meadno legitimacyHenry has no right to pass these lands alongo papal bull some of the most spectacular AN castles o castle of Trim one of the most spectacular incursion into Mead successful Henry also imposes his over lordship and reminds Strong bow of his overlord ship over his domains
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