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BMC-Lecture 9 • The broadcasting act was a large turning point in Canada, the creation of the CRTC with authority over CBC and private broadcasters changed the structure of Canadian broadcasting, the regulator was now in the middle of things and the center of things • The national purpose of broadcasting in Canada was to safeguard, enrich and strengthen the nation of Canada from sea to sea; they wanted national unity in order to express Canadian identity • The national dream was originally a book and then dramatized and is part documentary • King of Kensignton is meant to be a Canadian version ofAll in the Family and the main guy is the opposite ofArchie Bunker • Both the national dream and King of Kensington are creative ways the CBC and the CRTC went about creating Canadian identity • Radio redefines itself-radio now produced and reflected a fragmented and pluralistic culture • Radio and the film industry had to adjust in order to fit in with changing culture • Radios response to audience fragmentation: 1) Recognize the broadcast day around morning and afternoon drive times 2) Accommodate ambient listening patterns 3) Appeal to the niche demographics- reached out to minorities as well • Lavada Durst: drew attention as announcer forAustin Black Senators, he helped define black audiences in terms of culture; reached out to Blacks to give them identity and share in their interests, just as the function of church in their community. By radio doing this it was a step forward • CBC the Radio Revolution-they relied heavily on music once they no longer had connection to imported programming that they relied on, and they were unable to create their own programming; the CBC was left irrelevant then ever before • In 1970 created a report on English programming saying that Canadians no longer care about what CBC is presenting and the desires and needs of the audience changed • Margaret Lyons was appointed head of Current affairs which she created and promoted current affairs programming, prime time was shifted to earlier hours and programming revised to favor longer shows (one other point check slide) Satellite Technology • 2 components: 1) Space segment –the satellite itself and the controlling and tracking facilities on the ground 2) Ground/Earth segment-earth stations: an antenna focused on the satellite and a package of electronic equipment • Transponder: a series of interconnected unites which form a communications channel between the receiving and transmitting antennas on the satellite • Synchronous satellites make one full rotation of the earth • Geostationary satellite- remain at a given longitude point above the equator • 3 basic system options 1) Communication sat systems for point to point communications 2) Distribution satellites 3) Direct Broadcast satellite systems • There was sense that this would create international communications and create an international world Cable Television • Broadcast was not a strong signal because a truck driving by or a plane flying above could destroy the signal and cable television had a protective barrier that could block the wire from the outside world • Ted rogers bought out cable systems- his family of electricians created the first battery free radio in which instead you just had to plug it in and started their own family owned business • Shows were aimed at families, and you would sit and watch together • But as time went on different people formed different viewing habits Advertisement Video • Advertising is often overlooked as trivial and not worth looking at, it sells values and a lifestyle not just a product • Advertisements greatest power is the belief that people have that they are not influenced by ads and they are not beneath their power • It’s a totality of consistent images and messages • We have to educate to teach that the world was not always like this someone created it • They have molded our ideas and ideals as well as our life and wa
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