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SMC103Y1 Lecture Notes - Walter Lippmann, The Huffington Post, Flickr

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Monday, September 12, 2011
Rise of...
Radio - 1930s
TV - 1950s
Wikipedia - 2000
Craigslist - 2000
24.7 newspaper web pub - 2000
blogging gets muscular - 2002
Google - 2000s
Blackberry - 2002
Facebook - 2004
YouTube - 2005
Flikr - 2006
Jon Stewart's Daily Show - 2000
Colbert Report - 2005
Huffington Post - 2005
McLuhan's 3 Revolutions
phonetic alphabet (aural -> visual)
printing press
electronic digital tech
parallel with history at looking at past
meaning-endowed narrative
Jung's collective mind beneath our individual minds
myth is what a group believes about itself to be true
all myths eventually die
role of newspapers to test whether myth still alive and authoritative
Benedict Anderson: myths of imagined community - what we all believe together
why we need myths to live together
belief triggering collective actions
James Carey (1935-2006)
task of newspapers: to carry on conversation with culture using language of mythology
and connectedness
to re-enforce certain vital habits of community
religious context of news
ritual communication
newspaper does not primarily educate/inform with new knowledge
primarily affirms the values and narratives of what its readers already believe
directed toward maintenance of society in time and representation of shared
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