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SMC103Y1 Lecture Notes - Ben Huh, Fail Blog, Citizen Journalism

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Jennifer Harris

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Monday, October 17, 2011
originate from iWeekly, weekly publication era coming to a close
dying medium, competition from internet sources
paper as paper product -> out of date
attempt to take these factors into account, relaunch and revamp website
community and neighbourhood features, daily updates
stringers - freelance reporters, tips and local news
rethinking twitter/fb social media techniques
multiple overlapping audiences
print + digital publication
newspapers profit from ad
online ad early 2000, ad revenue dropping
OpenFile: community-powered news, online only
funded by venture capital and advertising
target advertising by offering information of members
launched in 2010 Toronto, open up in various other cities across Canada
idea of citizen tipping information; not citizen journalism but citizen-enabled
suggested stories; stories can’t be “stolen” because already there
not scalping but put together
open newsroom; traditionally closed and secretive/protective
news topic and writer listed with email; encourage journalists to interact with public,
instant connection
Register Citizen Newsroom Cafe; wifi, cheap coffee, open newsroom
increasingly more on facebook; where readers are
Ben Huh and end of content, network like failblog; citizen driven
huge amount of data created and shared daily... emails, photos, texts, twitter
facebook 4 billion pieces of content every day
trivial photos (cat and bacon) > news
cute cat theory of digital activism: Ethan Zukerman of MIT... web 1.0 invented to allow
physists to share research papers -> web 2.0 created to allow people to share pictures
of cute cats
web 2.0 embrace idea that photos of cats, sophisticated tools... local and global
news shared increasingly
News and Social Media
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