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St. Michael's College Courses
Jennifer Harris

SMC315 Monday, November 28, 2011 • newspaper as ritual • affirm values that readers already believe rather than give new knowledge • maintenance of society and time • representation of shared beliefs • container for human action • confirmation of dominant reality • news as human hunger for experience and sharing - Carey • form communities based on shared interests, common communication • Carey rejected notion that newspaper were watchdog of democracy, but newspapers were the public sphere and democracy • newspapers as representing majority - Hackett • plurality reflected by media • Globe and Mail and Occupy, civic wrongs emphasized • people’s adherence to minority views declining due to portrayals • Lippman - public opinion irrelevant to government law-making because incoherent, not organized, function of mass media newspapers as manufacturing consent for citizens to support government; choosing to establish certain news • mythology - what we believe about ourselves as a group, true or not • i.e. notions of Toronto vs reality (safe and multiculturally integrated vs growing poverty and old tra
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