SMC103Y1 Lecture Notes - Manufacturing Consent, Interculturalism, Long Term Ecological Research Network

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Published on 28 Nov 2011
newspaper as ritual
affirm values that readers already believe rather than give new knowledge
maintenance of society and time
representation of shared beliefs
container for human action
confirmation of dominant reality
news as human hunger for experience and sharing - Carey
form communities based on shared interests, common communication
Carey rejected notion that newspaper were watchdog of democracy, but newspapers
were the public sphere and democracy
newspapers as representing majority - Hackett
plurality reflected by media
Globe and Mail and Occupy, civic wrongs emphasized
people’s adherence to minority views declining due to portrayals
Lippman - public opinion irrelevant to government law-making because incoherent, not
organized, function of mass media newspapers as manufacturing consent for citizens
to support government; choosing to establish certain news
mythology - what we believe about ourselves as a group, true or not
i.e. notions of Toronto vs reality (safe and multiculturally integrated vs growing poverty
and old transit system), but if believe in myth act as it is true
3 spheres of public thought
Cowen: press not successful at telling what people think, but successful in giving
people something to think about
democracy trivialized by press -> election
politicians and journalists, politics as a game,
focus on polls
committed journalists need empathy
internet and newspapers changing meaning of content
alternatives vs niched
bringing down elitism of newspaper and democratizing it
Twitter and social media
question of if news will be data organized by mobs or news organizations will remain
still depending on others for news but question of how, mainstream or alternative filter
of experience
Jenny Yang and G20 coverage on Toronto Star
Star siding with Charter vs others with peace, order and government
inside coverage on people using live blogs, smartphones, social media...
social justice, social liberties
affiliated audience, “on board”
decline in newspapers linked to decline in ___ participation
multiculturalism vs pluralism, interculturalism
Cunningham and democracy
Monday, November 28, 2011
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