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Jennifer Harris

SMC291Tuesday January 10 2012cultureset of regulations over behavior agreements perceptions characterizing and dening certain groups of peopleartifactsmedia determines culture and vice versaperceive analyze and engage in worldcodes of behavior and rationalityfunctions of culturemedia born out of natural principles so behave according to natural laws but begin to compel people to behave in unnatural wayspoint of civilization to rework world in human form transforming world into own image as observe itbroadcast wordseed from parables of Jesus news as scattering and sowing seeds either falling on barren or fertile landsnarrowcasting create readingreading public newspapersnews readers not intended for general public at rst political bias at rstproblem of history being written with nationalism no universal history of broadcast4 Ages of Media Theory1 late 19CE Elite Theorymedia is corruptive inuencerened as Magic Bullet theoriesentering peoples minds and creating strong ideas related to Freuds rising inuence notion of public service broadcasting2 Limited Effects Theory media rarely have any direct inuence3 British Cultural Studiesconsider relationship between media and repositories of power4 Digital Age Moderate Effects Theoryaudiences use media to create meaningful experiences 1992 Rodney King rst time where police caught on camera beating someone court ruled police innocentMedia Wavemass communicationsamplication reaching out to many listenersreproduction of exact copies of message process of interpretation changes text scribes but with printing press identical copying is possibleorigins of mass comm tied to fundamental commercial process19CE factory model centralized production for mass audience
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