SMC291 Lecture 4

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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Jennifer Harris

SMC291Lecture 4 1312012 112000 AM y Society can be fragmented and broken from failure to recognize space binding characteristics of media as tools for preserving unityy Cultures environment to relate to reality y Not in touch with medianot in touch with realityInnisy Space broken down now sense of undifferentiated public y BBCAirwaves belong to people educate inform and entertainJohn Rights obstacle of commercial broadcastingy Financial models state vs ad public vs private supporty Distortion of media effects unconscious projection from amplification War of the Worlds Tokyo Rows y Unconscious attitudes become public interpenetration of public and private y Media gives idea were in private world when really in publicy Invade private life y Rise of demogomeryy Innis and critiquing were too focused on now losing sense of continuity of present and futurey Repetitive cycle of civilizations and cultures using infodecadencenew one rises over oldMidterm y 60 min y multiple choice answer 10 out of 20 10 min 10x220 y identify and explain the importance short answer 100200 3 out of 10 questions 20 min 3x1030 y programming short answer 100200 words 2 out of 10 questions 10 min 2x1020y shows weve been listening toy how broadcasts demonstrate propaganda role of broadcast in political society y longer answer 300500 words 1 out of 3 questions 20 min 1x3030y Dorothy Elsayers on gospel of Christ politicizing concept real hero Judas not Jesus changing into radio textpoliticized goal to do it properly added British style Nazi character that was not in bible
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