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Lecture 5 Coming of Television 272012 112700 AM y Life and death like hot and cold one continuum to another y Portraying world in only way radio can do deliver aspect of reality y Unavailable in image culture because space paradigm y Under Milk Wood Captain Cat and woman who has forgotten about himy Reading payola scandal and quiz show scandal y Need to find new niche in popular culture to serve alone y Function of radio as indicator of popular taste come into questiony Open new set of possibilities for exploitation y TV quiz shows becoming universally popular format y Viewership increase as long as certain contestants with emotional value are on roll so give them answers to get prizes rigged y ie 64000 Questiony like War of the Worlds incident taken seriously because media until realize its all fakey reliability of media thrown into questiony radio contribute and consolidate to building new kind of audience public y fragmentation of radio audience into different set of diverse publics Radio Redefines Itself y radio now produced and reflected a fragmented and pluralistic culture y 3 way taxonomy in which how industry responded y reorganizing broadcast day around morning and afternoon drive times y accommodate ambient listening patterns full attention y appeal to niche demographics y Lavada Durst y 1913 b Austin TX y drew attention as announcer for Austin Black Senators y Broadcast over KVET Austin as Dr Hepcat y Though scheduled at latenight 10301200 achieved widespread popularity with both black and white audiences y helped to define black audiences in terms of culture y teenager market emerge as marketing sector after WWII gradually more powerful economic culture
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