Christianity and TV

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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Jennifer Harris

Feb 14Television Our Constant CompanionEngage respond discern Detwiler Taylor lynch thirdwhat religion and society do religious people and PC undertake Middle engaged in a sympathetic to PC sometimes they are understanding sometimes they are concerned knowing where author is coming from helps us better understand argument that they are making there is a missionengagement and response Metaphors for Television tech appliance salesman store comfort teacher babysitter tribe constant companion sedative adventure mystery cult sage art mirror confessional reflection of God Metaphors which describe your relationship with television Tv created to sell productscreate captive audience not for art or teaching First sold tvs then other products ultimately and always fundamentally a sales personA Brief History of BroadcastingRadio corp of America RCA First broadcast was radio 1920s First broadcasters were the makers of radios have product the radio want people to buy them so need to create somethi
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