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Smc 103 feb 1512 y John paul II o Vatican II 196265 o Criticisms and controversy o Work of the holy spirit ex Episcopal collegiality ecumenical and interreligious o He was the pope who brought the Vatican II into the third millennium he didnt think hed make it too see the third millennium so he was happy o The third millennium2000 nd Millennium is when the church recognizes and celebrate the 2 miluenial bday of ChristSymbolic moment of renewalThe new advent of ChristA great jubilieea party when sins were forgiven o Hes offering a vison of what it means to be catholic y Incarnation and human dignity o Translationredeemer of the human person o Has two themes incarnation of Christ and human dignity o He says that that through Christ we find identity and human worthby the incarnation the son of god has in a certain way united himself with each individual o When he talks about the dignity of human ppl he isnt speaking of human kind in the abstract but of each individual themself o everyone person posses has
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