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St. Michael's College Courses
Jennifer Harris

Lecture 8 362012 114600 AMRaymond Williams programming as sequence or flowNo longer anticipating finite structure sense of completion out of world where have cultural artifact take and assimilateAction of listener composing own experience of broadcasting Everyone enters and exits when they want cycle of meaning and flow of info infinite no one can have complete possessionInstead take what you need and want This phenomenon of planned flow isperhaps the defining characteristic of broadcasting simultaneously as a technology and as a cultural formIn all communications systems before broadcasting the essential items were discreteThe difference is broadcasting isThat the real programme that is offered is a sequence or set of alternative sequences of these and other similar events which are then available in a single dimension and in a single operationWhat is being offered is nota programme of discrete units with particular insertions but a planned flow in which the true series is not the published sequence of programme items but this sequence transformed by the inclusion of another kind of sequence so that these sequences together compose the real flow the real broadcastingBricolagebricoleurAs go through world in modern era old 19CE of world as book which meanings we can assimilate vs making collage of meaning piece together a system of understanding of my ownPatchwork of meaningsMarshall McLuhan1911b Edmonton Alberta1933BA Eng from University of Manitoba1934MA Eng from U of Manitoba1934began BAlater doctoral studies at Cambridge1940 went to teach at Saint Louis University1943Awarded his doctorate1946came to St Michaels CollegeJoined Innis as one of the school of Toronto Communications theoristsEarly 1950s began Communication and Culture seminars at the University of Toronto1951The Mechanical Brideone of the first inquiries into popular culture studies1962The Gutenberg Galaxyshows how changes in communications technology affects peoples cognitive organization with consequences for the organization of societyInnis space binding media vs time binding media McLuhan media as extending senses If a new technology extends one or more of our senses outside us into the social world then new ratios among all of our senses will occur in that particular cultureeg print culturethe coming of print created a new social order in which the visual predominated over the auraloralEarly 1960spredicted electronic media would replace visual culture with auraloral cultureNew ratios of senses with new culturePhysical organizations and extensions minds organizedadapt to new ways of participation with realityVisual vs audiooral simultaneous vs consecutive paradigmsTopdownvisualComing of print creating radical change in organization of society in constitution of knowledge Electronic communication media taking us to world before print more balance between aural and visual culturesGlobal village1964 Understanding MediaThe Extensions of Man ithe media are extensions of the various senses ii the medium is the message iiihot and cool media1967The Medium is the Massage An Inventory of Effectseach medium produces a different effect on the human sensorium
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