SMC291 - Lecture 9

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St. Michael's College Courses
Jennifer Harris

Lecture 9 3132012 10800 PMStuart HallViewing strategiesHegemony iepatriarchal Negotiated understand hegemony and method but also feel need to watch in divergent wayOppositional Bardie televisionway tv functions in modern society analogous to bar function in primitiveKnowledge articulate sum of knowledgevalue implicate members to share dominant value of societyCelebrate justify doings of worlds knowledge systemEnsured culture at large at its adequacy ideological and share with members that culture worksExpose inadequacy which may change world ie change in evnmodify conditionsConvince audience sense of membershipTransmitting means of cultural membershipfrom past to futureMedia transported socializing informatinal and as entertainment aesthetic communications view vs ritual viewHorace Newcomb and Paul M Mirsch Television As A Cultural ForumWe suggest that in popular culture generally in television specifically the raising of questions is as important as the answering of themIndeed it would be startling to think that mainstream texts in mass society would overtly challenge dominant ideasBut this hardly prevents the oppositional ideas from appearingPut another way we argue that television does not present firm ideological conclusionsdespite its formal conclusionsso much as it comments on ideological problemsThe conflicts we see in television drama embedded in familiar and nonthreatening frames are conflicts ongoing in American social experience and cultural historyIn a few cases we might see strong perspectives that argue for the absolute correctness of one point of view or anotherBut for the most part the rhetoric of television drama is a rhetoric of discussion
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