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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Jennifer Harris

3202012 14900 PM y radiotv vs coherence of imagined community at cost of silencing minorities and disserting voices ethnocentric patriarchy yy David MarcWhat Was Broadcastingy The broadcaster makes a pitch to an entire nation people or cultureTo the narrowcaster this kind of sheer quantity is occasionally a virtue but rarely a paramount goalThe narrowcaster seeks not all but a rightly constituted groupa subculture a segregated element a gang or an affinity center of some sort which contains its own variations on right and wrong which has its own interests to pursue and to protect and its own acknowledgment that its principle of organization is a fundamental asset p 644 yUniting world on single value Christianity and Islam imperialist view of culturalist project y If only humanity had one language shared set of values and religion y Wanting to eradicate differences is the problem y Having to live with pluralism technology forcing society to accept plurality of delivery platforms y Beginning of the end of broadcastingcable tv plural media yy Cable Television y Basic Equipment y An antenna usually located on high ground outside of the immediate service area on which remote TV signals could be received with minimum interference y A central facility or headend where the signals were amplified remodulated to convenient center frequencies and combined using frequencydivision multiplexing y A coaxialcable network over which the signals were transmitted to subscribers in the community y Like electric power telephone service and other utilities cable television service is usually operated in any given area as a monopolyA franchise may be awarded by communities to a single supplier who is then licensed to operate in a specific region on an exclusive basis or in many parts of the world cable television is operated by postal and telecommunications agencies of the government
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