SMC291 - Lecture 11

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St. Michael's College Courses
Jennifer Harris

Lecture 11 3272012 121600 PMProduct Distribution ExhibitionChrominance luminanceSynergy52660 21 526 linessecond 60 fieldssec half a framedichroic blackinterlaced vs progressive scanningDisney CorpVertical IntegrationProductionWalt Disney PicturesTouchstone PicturesHollywood PicturesCaravan PicturesDimension FilmsPixar Computer AnimationDistributionBuena Vista Pictures Distribution now Walt Disney Studios Motion PicturesBuena Vista Home Entertainment now Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment but still referred to under the old nameBuena Vista Television DisneyABC Domestic TelevisionBuena Vista International Television DisneyABC International TelevisionBuena Vista International now Walt Disney DistributionBuena Vista Music Group now Disney Music GroupBuena Vista Theatrical Productions now Walt Disney TheatricalBuena Vista Interactive now Disney Interactive Studios ExhibitionTouchstone Hollywood Pictures Caravan and Dimension Films licensed for payperview through Showtime or iNDEMANDCableABC Family Toon Disney E ESPN History and Lifetime as well as the Lifetime Movie NetworkOvertheair ABC broadcast networkOnlineWalt Disney Internet GroupDisney CorpHorizontal Integration
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