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Feb 14 THIS CLASS -broadcassting:from radio to TV (NBC) -Rep of christians on TV: shirley bennett on "Community" -mid term eval -"19kidsandcounting" and the presence of xtns on tv EX. GOOD Critical assignments -ex. engaagement dustin kidd argues that pop cultue is necessaary (I SHALL ARGUE)... he attempts to est a parallel w his...and emil...necessity of crime. FOR ex. parker highlights ...scared kittyvideo... thus while kidds arguement...it contradicts?? kidd attempts to est a parallel w crime and pop culture...-fundamental diff btwcrimeandpop cul.. bnfits ofcrime are much more concrete. norms andboundaries of pop culture are fluid.. pop cul fails to est any truenorms orboundaries. offers thepublic a multitude of choices,, awhich to follow. people dont have this freedom when it comesto thelaw. llycnh-rel group reg beenat forefront of pop cul quick to react. how rel groups essential to creating... kidd-detriment of his overall argument **student articulated the argument. complex reasonng about the strengths and weaknessess. ex. narrow def of pop culture--SAy why. essntial to overall paper is arguing for why that limitation is a fundamental tthan superficial prob deeper prob-comparison btw crime andpop cul may itself be a fundamentally flawed comparison GET TO CORE of argument, tease out what are the probs w argument. kidd-scholarly attitude than a personal one EX. SUMMARY Kozlevich Koz arguesthat ______. by outlining ____, demostrates _____. ptovides many insigts into xtn parallels _____. DC respoded to Koz proposal that ________. he argues that koz... restricts to typology _____ and shows _____, without considering ______. strength in koz. lies _____. it is evident that there is a rel btw christ fig ___, however lacks adequate characteristics that deefine characteristics ______, as DC , he is ___ and ____. lynch -- medium for theological reflectionIN THIS ESSAY, I ARGUE -- for critical summaries This class I. Television •kraig and detwile are both insiders in the xtn tradition •ENGAGING CULTURE-key words: engage, respond, discern •if we are to situate detwile and taylor --- they would be situated in lynchs categories of scholars underwhat mission to society might.....looking at appropriation and the medium in a way. they are insiders but there is a sense of amission going on. talking about engagement and response. the third category in lynch has more approaches to it, they are engaged ina sympathetic even appropriative engagement, or responseto pop culture. they are the middle way not completely suspicious at times gleefully appreciative and other times concerned. •important: knowing where they are coming fr will help us better understand what kindof argument they are making--so we can make our own critical tools A. Metaphors for television •technology, appliance, salesman, store, comfort, teacher, baby sitter, trbe, constant companion, sedative, adventure, mystery cult •television-just one and everybody had to gather together to watch the onethingon television.. now rarely thecase. justsuperbowl •adventure-out of the comfort zone. •inadequate needs: escape-get out of reality; illumination-of life •tribe-tiny niches ? •salesman-TV was created to sell products to an audience. the idea of tv is to gathher people to become a captive audience to whom salesman buy their wares; selling television thenthe prouct thatcould be advertised. B. A brief historyof broadasting •RADIO-first broadcast medium-1920s by Radio coporation of america( westing house and general electric) •radio had teremendoous potential to generate advertising revenue. gerating progaming to sell time foor advertising •xtn radio-began with the advent of radio. xtn evangelists were some ofthe first non commecial broadcasters. one such local radio broadcaster was a church... •2 main models in early rdadio: promotionand commercial, te other ws education adnd not forprofit (rel groups--potential for radio to transmit the gospel) •religious program- to this daysunday mornings dominated by relprogramming (commercial and regulatory decsion) •miracle of radio-rapildy ltaken upbypeople •electronic tv, invented in the 1930s- national broadcasting corp. expanded to west coast , owned by RCA became firrst national broadcasting network •popular shows on radio eventually were transformed to the
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