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SMC 103 lec 9  Humbert, Against the simoniacs between human society and spiritual authority; he says that if they were to battle the spiritual would win and have final say  2 developoments in 800 around Coronation of Charlemagne 1. Papal states innocent 2. Papal claims and opposes emperors (claimed power over other countries)  Charlemagne was crowned by leo the third and he didn’t think that leo had much authority over him th  9 cent was one of the lowest point in the papacy period  **Gregory the 7th (1073-85); concerned with the election of bishops Gregorian movntm remove sex, evil etc he had a conflict with henry the fourth about/called Lay investiture Lay ppl aren’t Christian but are kings and lords of other communities investiture; ritual of becoming a bishop he said that the church (pope) should appoint the bishops he said that the kings shouldn’t have the authority to appoint bishops but henry disagreed he reasons with this by saying God’s authority exceeds human authority he wanted the locals to elect bishop and for the church to be independent of secular powers he wanted/tried to reform the church gregorian council  Simony practice of selling/buying a church office for money Reforming Councils st  1 lateran council that built on co-torment of worms resolved investiture set out laws to reform the clergy and eliminate simony tried to remove secular influences from the church notion of separation of state and church  4 lateran council continued reformation taken place in rome developed out of roman sinans you should receive communion and confession at least once a yr these 2 councils come to be known as the ecumenical counc
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