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Smc 103 april 2  What does Christ mean in this culture?  An Ambivalent View- Pope Benedict XVI (2005) o The appropriate Christian attitude toward the dominant culture is a non confirms of faith especially on issues of life and marriage and political economy o On the other hand the ultimate purpose of Christ works it the transformation of the universe of the whole human world of all creation. Those who serve the truth in love together with Christ contribute to the true progress  Christ and Culture (1951) h Richard Niebuhr o Obersavation #1: Christians and Christianity are always faced with demands and obligations from at least two diff sources- Christ and the dominant culture of their age  Follow Christ or follow culture/society; this is always a challenge o #2: there are 5 ways to do this: 1.Christ against culture,  Views the demands of Christ and the demands of the dominant culture in permanent contradiction a radically counter-cultural view of Christ and Christianity  Ex: didache, apostolic tradition, monastic traditions  Tertullian is a person example o 2. Christ and culture in paradox,  Views that demands of Christ and the demands of the dominant culture as standing in contradiction-but also coexisting in every person and everyone is subject to both at the same time  Martin luther: inner person subject to Christ’s spiritual kingdom; outer person subject to the temporal kingdom  Another good example: the modern reformed theologian karl barth o 3. Christ transforming culture,  Views that demands of Christ and the demands of the dominant culture as mutually distinct and mutually related, at the same time- Christ both contradicts and transforms the dominant culture through the work of Christian faithful  Augustine of hippo: the earthly city and the c
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