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SMC103Y1 Lecture Notes - Lumen Gentium, Eucharist, Common Good

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SMC 103 feb 27
o Union of relationships
o LG (lumen gentium) says: sign and instrument (sacrament) of communion with god and
unity of humankind
o The church is the first instalment and whats intended of all ppl because it reps a unity
o Rubio says its a gathering around the lords table is unity
Also when in church we take the eucharist because we are all gathered and
talking the eucharist
Its a union relationship with god as its foundation and basis
Family and marriage itself is a communion
Final communion and unity is found then in the kingdom of god
o Christ has united himself to every person
Which means that everyone shares to some extent -according to john paul the
second- a bond of communion with Christ
In Gaudium Et Spes
o Article #24 humankind=one family
o #25social life and social sin
o #26human dignity and rights =common good
In connection with the notion of the common good
Common good describes unity and attains at building each other
Common good becomes the ideal that social life strives for; that each
person/group does for each other
Communion then becomes common good
John paul the second: International Development Integral development
o Networks of relationships that have difficulties is integral to what it means to be a
human being
o The social relationships we have defines us as humans
o And because it is in our nature to socialize with other it is our calling to a worldwide
And because of this nature society also has social structures
Church, schools, work etc
Existence of social structure requires in an investment in social justice
JP also mentions 1. sinful structures
o Sin can be individually
o Typical sins = wanting of power and wealth
o He says these sinful structures can very well be turned into
social conversion by god
2. JP mentions value collarboration
o Ppl see the virtue of this collaboration
o In Christian conctext a desire for collaboration also desires to
common good artical #42
3. Increasing interdependencesolidarity
o The world is becoming ever more interdependent
o The world has a unity amongst them
o Interdependence is something that just happens
o And so interdependence opens up to solidarity
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