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Apocalyptic literature and text can serve different purposes?
What is the purpose of the films?
Perceiving growing immorality in the culture
The man who tried to get off the plane in the culture
Seek turbaned man
Pilot who is married, flirting with the stewardess
Threat of multiculturalism, liberalism
This film is a representation that those who believe must keep faith
The time is coming
The people understand themselves to be in the midst of a crisis
Group in crisis
The suffering people undergo right now will be vindicated by the suffering those people will undergo
after the rapture, during the period of tribulation
The threats that face us today: global warming, fight over water, food shortages
The secularized apocalypse has been embraced by Hollywood
Apocalyptic texts speak as much today about contemporary issues as they did in the class
Whether folks consider themselves worldly or not they still have a vision of the end of the world
We are all immersed in popular culture
This demonstrates that Oswalts claim that Christians who are worldly are secular and
cannot believe in the apocalypse
Pop culture is worthy of study
The tension between popular culture and its critics
oWe are all its critics yet we are all immersed in it
Pop culture is a mirror (whether we like what it reflects or not )
What does redemption look like in PC terms?
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