SMC 175 L09.25 - Christianitas

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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Jennifer Harris

SMC 175Medieval CivilizationJ Harris092512Christianitas Heretics and Saints Philosophynot a subject of study back then but a way of life o Something that shaped worldview of a personReligionin essence an element of citizenship o Part of your duty as a citizen o No one didnt practice something o Acts rituals events festivalskey elements of the religions of Roman EmpireChristianity was very popular spread like wildfire in the empire o But many are doing so in basis of practiceJust going through the motionsRise of asceticism saw Christians around them just doing what they have been told regardless of belief thus they decided to live as they think Christians should live o Took it seriouslyJudaism one of the legal religions of the empireo Jesus lived in the context of being allowed to practiceo But when people started following JesusnoveltyRecognized as illicitChristianity born when they wer ejoined by the GentilesFrom 12 to 1 million followersgrowth of Christian population Many ways in which people practice Christian tradition all these options are viable ones o Jewish Christians very first one from Judaea formed distinct identity overwhelmed by nonJewish Christians afterwards deeply rooted in Jewish tradition o Marcionites followed Marcion whos antiJewish should expunge all ties with Jewish GodBegun with Jesus no reference to JewsBelieved in God of the New testamentnot the Hebrew God of the Old testamentMarcion rejected most of the New testamentPrompted the Christian leaders to define what the bible should contain o Gnosticism precedes Christianity refers to hiddensecret knowledge from a world known only to the members of the Gnostic faith elite group
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