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SMC103Y1 Lecture Notes - School Of Antioch, Jewish Holidays, Sept

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Smc lec 4 sep 27
John Chrypostom of Antioch
o Greek speaking theologian
o Different from both Gregory and orgien
o Mother was a Christian the father wasn’t really
Johns father died when john was 7 years of age
Very educated man
o Was not baptised as an infant
o He studied rhetoric; not very interested in philosophy
o It was assumed by his mom that he would be a governor or a lawyer but after he finished school he was
baptised and after baptism he took Christianity and his walk with god very seriously
o Stocis and Christians believed that to be a good Christian you needed to have discipline of self; discipline of
what one ate, sexual desires, what you spoke etc
He practiced asceticism at home and read scriptures and home
o Theodore and Diodorecreated antiochene school of theology
They read the bible literal and interested in what the text actually says
Concerned about the moral and spiritual life and the emphasis of living the Christian life and giving
to charity and caring for salvation of others
o He was ordained lecturer in 371
o Wrote a book on priesthood and says in the early of 370’s that bishop of Antioch wanted him to be a priest
and he didn’t want to be ordained and so he ran away to mount silpius which was well known b/c there
lived many hermits there; at this time monasticism was spreading into Egypt, and Syria
Through this he tried living an asceticism life, fasting, self discipline,
Here he pretty much memorized/ studied the bible
2 years later he returned back to Antioch b/c of health issues but never forgets what he learned in
o 380; John was made a deacon; and as a deacon he couldn’t preach but he was very involved into the poor
o Ordained in 386 as a priest and continues till 397 when he is brought to Constantinople and made bishop of
o From 386-397 he is very productive; he preaches every sundays and preaches homilies in certain books
from the bible
The homilies overtime add up to a lot and he is the person that has the most of all these
389 he published 67 homilies on the book of genesis
390 90 on matthew (very strong book on moral teaching)
39188 on john
39232 on paul’s letters to the romans
o Emphasis of his preaching’s are on the literal and moral meaning of scripture to his hearers
o 386-87 Adeveusus Judaeos(means against the jews)sermons preached in September
In these sermons he is speaking to sermons that are attracted to the synagogue through the jewish
festivals in sept.
And his way of trying to get Christians away from this was to attack jewish synagogues, people and
their traditions with very vulgar and offensive language
Ex: They are lustful and possessed by the devil, drunks, synagogue is just a house of
prostitution and a theatre, place of demons,
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