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Smc 208 lec 3 sep 25,  Life of moses o 2 parts: historia and theoria o What is the real Christian and to be a person of virtue; that it his main point/question in this reading o Allegorical interpretation  Allos means other; so what ur reading is not the literal sense it is a “other” interpretation; it was method that went deeper into the text and didn’t take the text for what it was on the surface o Philo tried bringing together the greek and Hebrew cultures through this method  Paul to his letter to the Galatians he argues with ppl o Preached freedom from god and not but what we do  We do not earn salvation or grace o Abraham was married to sarah but had a child by hagar b/c sarah encouraged it since she couldn’t have kids. Hagar had Ishmael and then sarah had a miracle child issac  For Gregory the moral of this story is that the slave becomes free through this situation; hagar who was the slave has found freedom o 1 cor 10:11  “but many sinned and perished” also talks about the red sea and greg says that this is considered a type/typology  As they went through the red sea it is like us when we go into baptism o 2 cor 3:6  The letter kills, but the spirit gives life  His point is that there is no destination to life its a constant process to the prologue  Theophonoyhow god appears to people/ an encounter with god o Moses has this in the burning bush o God reveals himself to moses and says that he is Yahweh o Moses comes into the new testament as well (Mathew reps the sermon on the mount, like mount sinah where moses received the convent with god)  Gregory compares the moses story to us now o moses was born in a period where Pharoah wants to kill all baby boys; moses had a purpose by god  greg says that it is like the devil trying to destroy us as humans who live for god  greg says that we are who we are because we make our own decisions o Pelagius said we can do it on our own; god just tells us what to do and we can do it we don’t necessarily need his book and greg agreed with this o st Augustine says that we need god’s grace in order to continue living and his help in making decisions  greg has 3 theophonies of the burning bush o they will rep 3 stages/steps in our deeper meaning of coming to the knowledge of god  1 ; he talks about light and gods light  he is struck by the fact that the light from the bush; it is not from the sky, it is mediated through the bush and so he thinks the bush is the reincarnate of god  the fact that bush is not burned; he compares this to mary and how she was a virgin though she was a virgin she was able to give birth to Christ  god says he is 3 things whi
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