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SMC208 lec 2 sep 18, 2012  Origen o Biblical scholar o On first principles his work that we read this week  Referred to 1 work of systematic theology  Brings elements of the Christian faith in a systematic way o Old testament  Focuses on Israel and patriarchs, exile, monarchy etc  Climax of the story of jesus is in the new testament in the gospels o How did theology become a systematic theology?  Ppl began to ask questions  Does god exist? What does the trinity mean? What’s human purpose? What does resurrection of soul mean?- these are the questions he tries to answer in his works o He wrote this for educated people and who were attracted to gnsoticism and certain movnts; he tried showing others that Christians also have an intellectual way of thinking o He focuses on the word truth  God revealed himself to Christians  Christians respected others way of searching for truth but to them the truth had already been given to us by Christ revealing himself to us and his wisdom  For origen the whole bible proclaims a single truth o Apostolic tradition  Rule of faith  Extended creed o They would extend the creed with problems that were occurring o one creed starts with i believe in the father almighty creator of heaven and earth because people were doubting the existence of god  6 things the apostles really show us in the gospels o 1.god both creator of heaven and earth he is the god of old and new testamentagainst the Gnostics o 2.person of jesus; jesus is both god and man o 3.holy spirit o 4. Soul; the soul is the true person in the tradition  It will exist after death  He insists here on free choice  But he did challenge; how does the soul rise and come separate from the body?- for him souls pre-existed  In the beginning was god then god created minds and these minds were to find fulfillment in the notion of god but for somehow these souls cooled off and got bored and turned away from god and they fell. Some fell more than others. Some fell and were ange
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