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In the last lecture, Professor Lockin addressed two issues: How do we distinguish “Person” from “Office” and how did we transition from secular Papal monarchs to more spiritual authorities? Leo the Great explains in Sermons 4 and 5, “I have inherited from Peter, but as a person, I am not worthy”. This means that it is only because of the legal inheritance he obtains from Peter, that he holds spiritual authority.Augustine also reaffirms this by explaining, that even if an immoral priest performs the sacrament of Baptism, it is still legitimate because they hold the office of a priest. We then discussed the idea of Papal sins, specifically those that prevent the unity of the Body of Christ and inappropriate methods in the service of truth. Through the East/West Schism in 1054 and the Inquisition, we notice Popes using their Papal authority in a negative way, such as Pope Innocent IV and his agreement for torture practices. However, although many Popes have been recognized for their Papal sins, because everything was done for the “greater good” they are not see
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