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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Jessy Pagliaroli

SMC203 Lecture 3 Augustus Caesar-ruler of roman Empire & chief priest AC referred asDivi luli Filius (son of the divine Julius) Coins during Jesus’ time had that on them “son of god” Augustus is doing this not only to make himself & his uncle an idol but so that the Roman empire would be considered divine A.C. also given the title God from God, Lord, Redeemer, liberator & saviour of the world—before Jesus Pagan Religion-ritual sacrifice = important. -Pluralism-gods & goddesses, deities, cults, etc. Mystery Religion- School of academic thought tried to show that Christianity was influenced by mystery religions As Rome conquered new territory, mystery religions were discovered e.g. Mithras—this is of Persian origin—cult brought in by pompei’s army. Cult groups were usually small, exclusively male, sacred meals, initiation, progress in moving up in the ranks within the religion These elements of inition, small meetings, is really common in many different religions so scholars now don’t think they had as much of an influence as they thought Greco philosophical .. of Roman world: Various popular schools of philosophy popular mainly among the elite and upper classes. Philosophy was very much a way of life-like a religion School were founded around a revered teacher. These philosophical school were critical of pagan religion, polytheism. Among these schools, we find notions of monotheism. Main differnce between philosophical schools and Christianity is that philosophical god is impersonal. Plato (429-34 bc) There’s a notion of a creator and the other gods are lesser manifestations of the great creator god. So there is a notion of an eternal, unchanging god. In recognizing that there is this god, he recognizes that there is an attachment between humans and god—the immortal soul For plato there is a perfec
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