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SMC 203Y y Roman Empire peace and social order unlike modern democracies that someone is held up high during the roman empire era there main concern was peace and social order during the roman period this was more important social harmony they would do certain sacrifices and actions to obtain peace and social order y The romans method of punishment was crucifixion they chose this to intimidate and frighten them so they wouldnt do stupid things y Christianity was born out of the roman period y The city of rome was founded in 753 thy Rome was one of many powers in the 4 century BC y By 148 BC it had conquered Italy Cartridge and Greece y By 120 BC theyve expanded into what is modern day france and germany y 62 BC taken over sierra y 30 BC they conquered Egypt y Augustus Ceasar was known to be the founder of the Roman empire it was under his reign that the Pax romana beganPax Romanapeace of rome was kept in place by 30 legions by 6000 men each in an imposing military it created a degree of social ruling y 4 major cities at this time Rome A
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