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St. Michael's College Courses
Jessy Giroux

Smc 203 lec 4 y Much of what jesus taught wasnt new to the society he was working within the jewish tradition 12 apostles12 tribes of Israel y Jesus is diff from other prophets jesus is either crazy or hes telling the truth he speaks like he is God in the gospels as if he were the hands and feet of God on earth y He spoke different about God compared to other prophets y Jesus talks about a God who is merciful and just his love tinkers on the love in insanity his love is boundless and gives you more than what you ask for y He talks about a personal GodAbbaFather hes taking the transcendent God and making him personal he cares about you intimately he knows the number of hairs on ur heady Other prophets talk about a judging God but jesus talks about a Godwho loves you and forgives y Jesus talks about how God loves and wants the sinners to come backex prodigal son y Jesus emphasise the kingdom of God for ppl not to worry about the food on their table or something to drink and worry about doing the will of God and focusing on kingdom of God y Kingdom of God is holy in the future its in heaven it is where God reigns as king the
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