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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Jessy Giroux

Lec 10 SMC 203 y Monasticism fulfil the mandates of Jesus live out a Christian life begins in the east but differs from the monasticism in the west western monasticism is more practical and less austereit didnt punish body solely for renunciation in the east they put a premium they but an emphasis on solitude where as in the west its more communal in the east u begin to c the rise of aesthetic movements ppl making their lives more difficult to maintain a high Christian life bishops lv there wives to live a life of solitude and devoted to god the beginning of monasticism were ppl moving into the desert and living a life for and to god like hermits they seek a life of self sacrifice and detachment from the world and sexual temptationthey participated in extreme self sacrifices like fasting and hurting themselves when they were tempted so the temptation would flee people saw these acts of hatred over temptation etc as extra holy and that God would love them etc ppl wud seek advice from them y Antony of Egypt hated school and loved church but sister in a Christian commune study with hermits and came to see girls as arousing filthy thoughts of temptation so he went into desert but even then he felt the temptation of the devil with sexual
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