religion vs science

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St. Michael's College Courses
Jessy Giroux

SMC 203 Jan 25 y Religion vs scn o The world goes around the sun y In late middle ages scn was dominated by aristotles philosophy o The cosmos is described as philo principles not on scn observations y Through an Aristotle view point which was known as Ptolemaic world view o Everything outside of the moon was considered to be eternal o Son is beyond the moon o Humans were the rulers or the earth o Thought to be in tuned with revelation bible bookAlso seen in psalms o Those challenging this view point were Christian o Both Augustine and Thomas agreed that if u have better interpretation of the previous interpretation than thats okwe u read if it leads u to think that gods love isnt for u then its the wrong interpretation we c this as augustines take on the matter y Nicholas Copernicus 14731543 o Wrote about the sun being at the centre of the universe o He challenged the Ptolemaic view o He couldnt show that the sun is at the centre of the earth o He never supplied ev
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