Challenges on Christianity

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SMC 203 jan 30 2012y Leaders at the time wanted uniformity only one religiono They saw religion as something that would unify the community and set good moralsWe see this a lot in rome because they wanted the gods to be pleased with the ppl of the community and wanted the community to be successful in warsand battles y Law of universal Isaac Newton o Nature is selfsustaining machine o Here religion is getting challengedattacked y Digiro and Voltaire 3 things they challenged o 1 Belief in providence o The idea that human being is able ot walk on water dead rising etcthese miracles are being attacked and considered irrational o Voltaire says that even Christians are being in wars and that is not Christ likeHe doesnt have tolerance for these kinds of ppl and criticises Christianity y Enlightenment o New way of doing things o Freedom y Filipe Jacob Spencer 16351705 o His followers influences john westley o He advocates spiritual emotionalfeelings o He wants ppl to emotionally be involved in religion o He organizes lay pplgroups and encourages his congregation to pray and read the bible o He emphasizes that there needs to be a spiritual and emotionally attachedbonod with JesusThat he is within us his grace is within uso He talks about religion as something that is beyond scientific o He made religion more invitingpopular y With the rise of enlightenment there comes a thinking of society can run even with ppl having different beliefs of religion and this idea develops in England in the puritan revolution y English reformation tho Henry the 8 left the church because he wanted to marryCalvinism is able to become popular after his deathHis son Edward brings calvanism into England because he was brought up with protestants y Elizabethan settlement o Comes with 39 articlesPresents compromises between catholic and protestant Calvinism ideasbeliefs o Lays out the book of common prayer o Changes the language of worship to English o She leaves the Eucharist open to different interpretation
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