Charles Marter

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Jessy Giroux

SMC 203oct 31 lec 12 y In 493 clovis master of god marries clotida clotidla is Christian and convinces clovis to baptise their son as a Christian y Clovis tested Jesus with a battle if jesus helps him win the battle hell convert himself his son and his nation to Christians clovis won battle y Charles Marter suppresses the use of idols hates adultery y Pepin gives protection to the pope becuz pope anointed him as king y Charles the great is noteworthy becuz he expands kingdom of the franks he conquers france Belgium Netherlands germany Austria etc sees himself as the title of holy roman emperor thought it was his duty to be responsible of eternal welfare of the nation and ppl its important for him to be in religious practices focused on reorganization and functions like cesar and popes takes role of the pope and nominates bishops and electing abbots he reforms monasteries and they become more of a place of edu its under his reigns
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