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St. Michael's College Courses
Jessy Giroux

SMC 203 feb 612 y Essay due march 28 y Nationalism o Greater sense of patriotism towards one nation o There comes to be a thought that Catholicism can be a threat to a nationBecause they think Catholics arent loyal citizens becuz of their biased to the papacy y Gallicanism o Was present in fance pre evolution o Recognizes all bishops as having equal authority o Idea of church that limits papal powerinfluence o Comes to be seen as bankrupt after civil constitution of clergyy Febronianism o Grows in german countries o Comes from Nicholas Van Hontheim 1978 o Denies the infalibability of the papacy o Tries to limit papal influence and power y Josephism o Also tries to limit papal power o Takes places under emporer joseph the second o Reorganizes edu and softens censorships introduces other reforms o He passes act of religious toleration of non catholic expression of the faith o He bans contemplative religious order o He writes about the power of the popePopebishop of rome o Up until this point Catholicism has tried to work with church and stateIt has supported the right
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