evangelical revival

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St. Michael's College Courses
Jessy Giroux

SMC203 Feb 1312 y EVANGELICAL REVIVAL o BliblicismLike sola scriptura o ConversionismStress on new birth new baptism and felling gods presence again reborn ChristianBaptism and going to church isnt enough u need to really feel gods presence o ActivismBeing involved in performing moral duties and social involvementMake the world a better place o CrucicentrismJesus death wasnt just an example of act of love by god it has a miraculous element to itIt ment the whipping away of your sinsOnly way to heavenJesus isnt just a rabbi he was a saviour no death on the cross no salvation for you y PietismPhilip Jacob Spencer o 16351705 o Established congregational centres o Told ppl to read the bible at home o Experience is what matters having emotional connection to god
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