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St. Michael's College Courses
Jessy Giroux

Smc 103 march 7  A possible contradiction in EV o Positive view of human possibility  The gospel of life echoes in the heart of every person  Various signs of hopes  Foundation for a new civilization of life and love o Negative view of contemporary culture  Certain legislative decisions as signs of moral decline  Eclipse of moral sense and sence of god  He says these negatives create a culture of death as a structure of sin  What are catholic obligations? o 3 primary obligations: follow consciences, form conscience and inform conscience  Follow Consceience o Gods voice in each person o Renders all persons responsible for their decisions o Power within each and every individual and empowers us to make good decisions o Its becuz catholic traditions say that everyone has consceience that it hold that everyone is responsible for their actions  Everyone is obliged to make moral decisions o Everyone has a conscience problem is that sometimes conscience is wrong  Form Conscience o Process of lifelong edu o Source: scripture, church and teachings o You need to build your conscience so that you have the discernment to know right from wrong and to make wise decisions o John paul II suggests that scripture is key because it has commandment on morality  Ex: thou shall not kill.  It goes onto meaning that not only kill ppl in general but even when it comes to abortion and just respecting the health of oneself and others, safe guarding peace against war especially war that has a loss a numerous ppl o What scripture says the church elaborates and studies the bible and scriptural verses  Inform Conscience o Reflect on experience, seek advice, pray for guidance o Apply universal laws to the specif
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