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SMC 203 march 5  People were trying to spread the bible in the most simplistic way o It was a way of explaining things of the natural world; creation, o Problems that arose= bible without error, literal interpretation  Charles Darwin (1809-1882) o In 1859 writes famous book on the origin of species by natural selection o This has huge ramifications o He explains that life evolved from lesser forms o Offspring differ from their parents o By 1870 in a scientific community evolution is widely accepted o He writes in 1871 Descent of Man..  How evolution affects humans and how humans evolve  How we evolve from apes o He writes to challenge polygenism o Evolution becomes the basis of creation and science  Everyone starts talking about it; had great social effects o Evolution becomes a threat to Christianity because of its social effects o Survival of the fittestcomes from Herbert Spencer  The strongest with survive; weak will crumble and die o Darwin ties in with Eugenics(his cousin is writing on eugenics)  Not only can u have Darwinism in physical attributes but also mental and morality  Eugenics/social darwininsm is seen as making the community a better place o Monogenismthe white European  The white European was the most common human attribute and so black ppl were seen inferior because their race wasn’t fully developed in evolution and white European person was fully developed  This could have created slavery o Darwinism challenged Christianity creation of genesis  Also Christian social ethics are being challenged especially because of eugenics and social Darwinism  This was leading to disbelief of the bible because ppl started saying that the bible was metaphorically and then ppl thought there was no point in believing it  Also the truth was then open to discussion and ppl were wondering what then is true in the bible? Where does one draw the line? Was jesus action on the cross not true? o Ppl began accepted evolution as how god chose to create the world and that the bible has many diff genras (poetry, similies
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