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St. Michael's College Courses
Jessy Giroux

Smc 203 march 21  Pope pius XI o Accepts Mussolini but after changes when Mussolini tries to endocrine the youth by 1931 which happens a lot in fascism  In 1933-concordant with Nazis  After the concordant Hitler started his own propaganda against Catholics o Tried to imprison monks, priests, nuns etc  After the encyclical was read there was massive destruction of jewish societies  Pius xI dies in 1939 and pius XII becomes pope o He calls for peace and claims Vatican neutrality; but hes not actually neutral  1934- Barmen Declaration o Authored by the bonhoffer o Wanted to ban jews that converted to Christianity to remove them from Christianity  Converted jew=not a real christian o They had a racist agenda  The confessing church o Martin Niemollo and Bonhoeffer were the main leaders o What brought this together was state intervention and nazi theology changing Christian theology o They thought that this was gods way of punishing the jews because they were the ones who would never convert to christianity o They were debating about the jewish question that a women purposed: since when do we say that the evil doers are doing god’s will? o There was tension to what extent does one agree with n
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