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University of Toronto St. George
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Jessy Giroux

Smc 203 feb 15  James taylor; china England mission 1854 o Learns Chinese o Hes a missionary in china o He creates the “china in land mission”  Largest protestant missionary society in the world at the time  He uploads and promotes in his missionary is openness: he is open to all other Christian denominations being a part of the missions; all one must do was sign a small declaration of how jesus died on the cross and he is saviour etc  Things were run locally with the missionaries in china only by one person in charge  Administration was more flexible here  Missionaries would wear Chinese dresses to identify themselves  He provides greater social relief/help o Involved in the apian trade o Has missionaries o Missionaries societies were seen as threat  They were at odds with the government o Seen as a threat because they were taking care of the poor and local charities whom which others wanted to exploit o Protestant missions couldn’t rely and state support it was all voluntary o Most govs weren’t interested in giving financial aid to these missions o Protestant mission grows out of the evangelical revival  William Carey, o 1761-1834 o Referred to as father of modern missions o Saw it a duty of all Christians to preach the gospel o
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