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University of Toronto St. George
St. Michael's College Courses
Francesco Guardiani

News and Information Events are reported differently from one station to another Cooperative and For-Profit News Gathering New York Association Press 1848 6 NY paper pooled foreign telegraph news costs Became ASSOCIATED PRESS (AP) United Press 1884 For profit news service, competed with AP Became UPI (UP International) News organizations today depend on wires Some newspapers run own services Other News Services Reuters Xinhua Agence France-Presse Photojournalism The Birth - Mathew Brady 1st national news photographer Civil War coverage 3,500 war photos Life magazine Magaret Bourke-White Early photojournalist War coverage Civil War censorship Government accreditation Press passes Ernie Pyle WW2 Told stories of men at war Vietnam War Candid coverage of war and protests at home Stoked opposition to war Embedded reporters (obey orders/part of army) Iraq War 2003 Front-line access 600 of them 20th Cent Tabloids and radio Early 20th Cent. expansion Yellow journalism Fierce competition - NY 10 daily papers Penny Papers Grisly crime, graphic photos Radio's influence Covered important events from 1921-1947 Newsreels News at the movies British Pathe 1900-1970 Fox Movietone News 1919-160 10 mins lo
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