SMC219Y1 Lecture 3: SMC219Y1 - Second Term Lecture 3

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St. Michael's College Courses
Steve Hoselton

Synthesis Chomsky He is an anarchist o Distrust in authority o Anyone in charge suspects Favours one 18th cent. Philosopher Locke His basis for assuming humans are fundamentally good o LAD Language A Device Media o All media serve the people of the authority o All messages are propaganda Its only supporting one perspective Main idea is to promote an idea o Five Filters What comes before the truth is these five filters 1. Ownership 2. Funding 3. Sources 4. Flac a. Outside sources i. People who disagree ii. Competing media 5. Norms a. Assumptions about what is true in a society Flaws 1. This assumption on we are good because of Language acquisition device a. This is not enough 2. He creates exception for the rule authority is no good 3. He probably stopped before looking at the root causes of the problem How are we not free when we use social media. We are not in control of the media Even though they owned the media, they tend to control whats being sent out of the media o This is another idea of authority You are free but you are not free o After you search for something, your searches reoccur on your website You may not be affected by the first 3 filters, but you will be affected by the last one o This is going to influence anyone no matter how Oversharing o Too little privacy o Need to work out the terms of the relationship o We are not sure who is looking at our information The idea of multiple identities o We are different things Define ourselves in the damage of other people o The limits of our lives are not divide in a single entity o There are complex relationships that are changing constantly We will do when we see problems
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