SMC219Y1 Lecture 7: SMC219Y1 Second Term Lecture 7

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St. Michael's College Courses
Steve Hoselton

Took its form in late to 19th century What is Journalism? Reportage Someone going out saying this is happening What do we observe Who When Where Journalism Figure how the fact means Making evaluations and assessment Make informed judgement The idea that you can make judgement This is where the press needs government protection Journalism is dying Balancing reporting Reporting two sides of the story So they do not need any judgement Use a lot of statistics Can easily be manipulated Yellow Journalism With the declined journalism and increasing reportage Decline of Journalism Expensive o You will be sued Aggregators o Borrow sources from other sources o They employ no journalist or reporters If you know someone in another country You have a direct line to another news source In terms of institution You do not have journalism or reporters
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