SMC219Y1 Lecture 5: SMC219Y1 Second Term Lecture 5

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Steve Hoselton

Theory: Annette Khun Feminism 1. Representation a. What is done to the image b. How the image is manipulate in order to change the idea or message of the image 2. Social Formation a. 3. Spectator a. The thing that the owner do not have control of b. This means how we look how we as a responder look at the picture There is no final single meaning to any given image o The message of the image can change constantly o Not only the meaning can be change but the meaning can be contested o Or it can be contradictory While you think its right I may think its wrong Deconstruction of image is very important o You have to be conscious o As we are deconstructing it We derive new meaning of the image Because power is expressed in the control of these image o As soon as we are deconstructing them, we are destabilizing power? Power structure cannot be trusted This is to favor the people who controls these Representation on Media Who owns the image gets to control the meaning of the image This depends on the owner of the image they control what they want to represent Flaws Relativity o If everyone can come up with a different answer than what is the answer Khun said that the answer is a multi layer answer No Solution
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